Ad Copy Research

Restaurant Insights tests a variety of ad copy including:

  • Radio, TV, Banner and Print Ad Tests are evaluated online.
  • Determine the effectiveness of your ad copy in terms of how compelling the message and what message is being communicated.  Respondents are asked to listen/view ad spots online at their convenience.  Advertisements may be in final or “rough draft” form.
  • Radio Ads – sound files are used in a clutter test to evaluate the recall power and a communications test to determine how compelling the ad is and its main message as perceived by your target market.
  • Television Ads – recall and communications and visit intent are evaluated online.
  • Banner and Print Ads – this test evaluates alternative print ad designs, graphics, message and price points.  Respondents are shown banner and print ads online (monadically) and are asked for their reaction.  Coupons and FSI’s can be tested as well.  RI uses a “click on images” and “click on words” feature for enhanced analysis.
  • Results can be delivered within 5 to 12 business days depending on the screening requirements.  A variety of diagnostics are measured and reported.
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