Mobile Guest Satisfaction

RestaurantsInsights has developed a new targeted and streamlined state-of-the-art mobile guest satisfaction and loyalty solution designed specifically for the restaurant industry. Today, over 90% of mobile phones are internet ready (Decipher, 2011).

Immediate, accurate and actionable feedback obtained at an affordable price.

More convenient for your guests and restaurant managers. Data acquisition is via smart-phones with data reporting by way of PC’s, tablets and smart-phones.

Targeted event based surveys taken at the restaurant that focus on just the 10-15 most important factors related to guest satisfaction and loyalty.  Questionnaires are only 1 to 1.5 minutes in length to make it easy for guests to take without causing any interruption in restaurant operations.

Corrective action can be taken much earlier in the process.  Other guest satisfaction programs try to cram large online surveys (50+ questions) designed for PC’s onto smart-phones.  Their large surveys are designed to be taken outside the restaurant.  Many are taken days after the visit when guest memories and perceptions may be a little cloudy, especially if other restaurants have been visited in the meantime.  Our solution invites the guest to take our short 1 to 1.5 minute survey in the restaurant.

Survey and reports web sites are truly optimized for smart-phones.  Font styles and sizes are easy to read.  Rating scales do not run off the screen as they do with some other systems.To check out an example of our in-restaurant mobile guest satisfaction survey on your smart-phone, scan and open the QR code shown below with your smart-phone, or go to:  (.us, not .com).  Use your smart-phone to  take this survey.  It is specifically optimized for mobile phones, both in length and format

Scan here for example of mobile guest satisfaction survey.

To check out real time guest satisfaction scores and reports for your restaurant managers, go to (or scan QR code below).  These are easy to use online and mobile reports that can be cross-tabbed and filtered by a number of customized factors.  You can use your laptop, tablet, or smart-phone for the online reports. Our system automatically detects what device you are using.

Scan here for example of management reports.


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