New Promotional Concept Evaluation

This research evaluates several alternative promotional concepts on a monadic basis.  The promotional concepts consist of one or more new or existing products/menu items packaged together with a specific promotional concept, message or theme.

Restaurant Insights offers highly credible success based benchmark measures derived from hundreds of previously completed new promotional concept evaluations across all the major restaurant segments.

In addition to demand measures such as “special trip to order,”  “visit intent” and/or “order intent,” diagnostic measures such as “value,” “affordability,” “uniqueness” and customized measures requested by the client can be used.  Restaurant Insights also incorporates a “click on words” online feature where survey respondents use their mouse to click on the words in the concept description that are most and least compelling to them in regards to ordering the concept.  This “click on words” feature aids in effective editing of the concept description.

In cases where graphics are an important part of the promotional concept, Restaurant Insights uses an online “click on image” feature to determine which graphic elements are compelling and which are not.

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