New Products Concept Screening

Concept screening identifies which of a large number of new product concepts will potentially be the most and least successful with your target market and current guests.

  1. Online and Smartphone Based Concept Screening – Multiple concepts are evaluated and rated by a targeted sample of respondents across a small number of key measures (using a 5 point scale) such as “special trip,” “order intent,” “value,” and “uniqueness.”  Restaurant Insights has an extensive database of these concept screening benchmarks (based on 700+ projects) that greatly helps in the identification of high potential new product concepts.


TURF Analysis – Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency

  • Incremental reach of new concepts/products over existing benchmark concepts/products
  • Best combination of multiple concepts/products
  • Best combination of concepts and emotional benefits


Max-Min Difference Scaling – An effective method for restaurant new product concepts when the number of concepts is not excessively large (15-20 concepts).  This method uses a discrete choice model where respondents are shown subsets of the total number of concepts in the test and are asked to indicate among each subset the best and worst new product concepts.

Max-Min Difference Scaling is very effective in discriminating among new product concepts, it is simple to understand for respondents and eliminates any scale bias.  However, concepts with lengthy product descriptions may create respondent fatigue.


  1. Central Facility Taste Tests – Once new product concepts have been screened down to a manageable number, target market participants are recruited in several markets across the brand’s area of operations to taste and rate the new product concepts.

Participants are invited to visit a central research facility (in some cases this step can be completed in a number of the brand’s restaurants) to view, taste and rate the alternative concepts.  Restaurant Insights uses state-of-the-art mobile technology that allows participants to rate new products using their smartphones (Blackberry, Droid or iPhones) or tablets.  Test results and online reports are available immediately and in real time to the client via smartphones, tablets or PC’s – 24/7.

  1. New Product Concept Name Research – Selecting a compelling name for the new product concept that will generate trial usage is an important step in the process.  Potential names for the new concepts are evaluated not just for their “order intent” or “visit intent,” but also across a battery of diagnostic measures to determine if they are communicating a message that is consistent with the brand’s marketing strategies and goals.
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